Our Services

Our operations are conducted both in our workshop and out in the field. Below is a summary of what we consider to be our core business.

Support service

We act as an external support organisation for companies without internal or sufficient support resources.

Metal and Forging works

The manufacturing of miscellaneous metal constructions like, beams, counterweights, fixtures and frameworks.

Stainless steel works

Manufacturing and design of stainless steel constructions and parts in industries where high level of hygiene is required or where harsh environment resistance is a necessity.

Mechanical engineering

Turning, Milling, Cutting, Bending, Welding, and Punching of metal parts  in all sizes.

Our Strengths

Flexible and Short Lead Times

Having most equipment and tools in house makes us flexible with  short lead times. We are often able to accept ”We needed it yesterday” orders.


Most jobs are done by ourselves on site or at our head office. Jobs requiring other competencies, we usually find within our network.


Broad Knowledge Base

With all these years in diverse industries we are able to cross reference knowledge and use it to evaluate tasks.

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